Trykmaskine giver kunderne gode kort på hånden

Trykmaskine giver kunderne gode kort på hånden

Den nye Speedmaster CX 75 fra Heidelberg har imponeret indehaverne af det kinesiske firma, Yuhua Playing Cards Co. Ltd der er baseret i Guangzchou

- This is exactly the machine we needed for our applications, confirm Zhengguo Lai and Yuanbao Lai, co-founders of Yuhua Playing Cards Co. Ltd. in Guangzhou, China.

In May of this year both went to China Print in Peking, where Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) presented the new Speedmaster CX 75 for the first time.

Even though Yuhua Playing Cards had not had a single printing press up to that point, Zhengguo Lai and Yuanbao Lai immediately recognized the potential of this all-rounder and placed an order for one while at the trade fair, like quite a few other customers also. What impressed them was the machine’s high print quality, broad range of applications, and good price-performance ratio.

Yuhua Playing Cards and its 50-strong staff specializes in the production of all kinds of playing and casino cards, which are shipped to customers all over the the world. The print jobs were previously produced by an external company.

- This company also uses machines from Heidelberg, and our customers were more than happy with the quality and the delivery times, confirm Zhengguo Lai and Yuanbao Lai. With the Speedmaster CX 75 four-color press, the company is now adding its own value with a view to benefiting both financially and guaranteeing even higher quality control and faster delivery.

For card production, the machine offers a quick-reacting and stable inking unit and dampening system, even with minimal ink consumption, and in this way ensures minimal waste. The optional larger printing and sheet size enables a complete set of cards to be fitted on one sheet.


5/9 2017