Heidelberg lancerer den nye Speedmaster CX 75

Heidelberg lancerer den nye Speedmaster CX 75

Den nye Speedmaster CX 75 from Heidelberg er et rent multitalent som trykker på både tykkere og tyndere materialer og gør det nemmere at komme i gang med tryk på emballage (på engelsk)

The 50 x 70 cm format is still the ideal fit in terms of product range and sales volume for the many small and medium-sized print shops, despite strong competitive pressure from larger print formats.

The requirement profile is changing, since smart production that offers reproducibility and consistently high print quality in return for a manageable investment is also in demand here. Digital integration, flexible use of paper, cardboard, and foil as well as a small footprint are important factors in this.

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) offers just such a Multi-Talent with the new Speedmaster CX 75. The Speedmaster CX 75 combines the best of both worlds – the innovative platform of the Speedmaster XL 75 from the Peak Performance class combined with components of the Speedmaster SX 74.

As a flexible and economical straight printing press in 50 x 70 cm format, the Speedmaster CX 75 can process substrates ranging from lightweight paper through to rigid cardboard thanks to its double-diameter impression cylinders.

The presettings from the prepress stage for preset functions from the feeder to the delivery can be integrated via the Prinect digital print shop workflow, ensuring high productivity. Switching from the last sheet in one run to the first good sheet in the next can be done in under five minutes.

The meticulously planned ergonomic concept together with generous space between the printing units permits optimal access and therefore quick and easy operation and maintenance. The Speedmaster CX 75 comes as a four- to six-color press with coating unit.

It has a top production speed of 15,000 sheets an hour and an impressively compact design. It is the narrowest press offered by Heidelberg in the 50 x 70 cm format range. It will be officially presented at China Print in Beijing, where a Speedmaster CX 75 four-color press with innovative DryStar LED technology from Heidelberg will be showcased.


11/4 2017