Bobst lancerer pakkemaskinen Speedpack

Bobst lancerer pakkemaskinen Speedpack

Bobst har lanceret den automatiske pakkemaskine til emballage af bølgepap, som gør det muligt for brugerne at realisere det fulde potentiale af deres Bobst folde-og-lim-linjer. Med det højest mulige antal batches og meget kort opstartstid forøger maskinen produktiviteten drastisk (på engelsk)

 Bobst has announced the launch of Speedpack, an innovative automatic packer for corrugated packaging that will allow users to realize the full potential of their Bobst folding-gluing lines. With the highest possible number of batches per hour and very short set-up times, it drastically increases productivity.

- Spedpack is a revolutionary corrugated-box packer that gently picks up boxes as they exit the folder-gluer and batches them up in exactly the right way – quickly and reliably, while preserving the quality of your boxes, said Jacques Reymond, Head of Product Marketing of Business Unit Sheet-fed.

- We have listened to what our clients say they most need to optimize their folding-gluing machines and SPEEDPACK delivers exactly that. We believe it sets a new benchmark in this space.

Thanks to its exceptionally fluid operation, its minimal footprint and optimal ergonomics and accessibility — which render set up times for repeat orders negligible — this robust packer can process literally any type of box, while maintaining irreproachable levels of quality. What’s more, the machine is completely modular, making it a future-proof investment that can grow with your business.

- The machine will help to reduce costs and optimize quality and line efficiencies, enabling a rapid return on investment, said Emilio Corti, Head of Sales of Business Unit Sheet-fed. 

- As the most productive packer on the market, we believe Speedpack will become the natural extension of your corrugated folder-gluer.

Bobst presented Speedpack for the first time at a FEFCO technical seminar in October 2017, publically demonstrating the significant added value it can generate.


7/11 2017
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