Xeikon Panther UV inkjet-teknologi udvider mulighederne hos Etiflex

Xeikon Panther UV inkjet-teknologi udvider mulighederne hos Etiflex

Fremragende testresultater og evnen til at printe hvid med høj opacitet i en enkelt arbejdsgang var blandt de vigtigste årsager til, at PX3000 blev valgt af trykkeriet i Polen (på engelsk)

Responding to strong growth in demand for high-quality digital labels, Etiflex S.C. in Poland has invested in a Xeikon PX3000 UV inkjet press to further increase productivity and expand into new markets.

The printing company, which is based in Pozna, made the investment after working closely with Xeikon to find the right solution. Co-owner Przemysaw Wagner, who runs the company together with Karol Kuligowski and Piotr Smoliski, explains:

- We chose Xeikon PX3000 UV inkjet label printing press because it allows us not only to increase productivity, but also to expand into new market segments due to its ability to print white with high opacity in a single pass.

During the decision-making period, the Etiflex team visited Xeikon’s headquarters in Lier, in Belgium, where they were pleased to witness superior print results achieved during very detailed tests on the PX3000.

They were also impresses with the flexible approach in constructing the offer which convinced them that the purchase of this particular machine would be the most effective for the company.

Wagner continues:

- While looking for a UV inkjet machine, we talked to several companies who offer this type of device, but it was only during our meetings with Xeikon that we felt our needs and requirements were made a real priority. The approach taken by Xeikon at every stage of the talks, from the initial presentation of the machine to final contract negotiations, convinced us that their offer was exactly what we were looking for.

With the new Xeikon PX3000, Etiflex has significantly extended the scope of its collaboration with companies to include craft breweries, juice, and other beverage producers.

It has also acquired more customers from the automotive industry as well as offered its services to new markets, such as cosmetics. Among the other factors that persuaded the co-owners to make the investment, the excellent printing speed of 50 m/min and high cost-efficiency of Xeikon PX3000 were also noted. 

- We chose the 330mm print width machine because it helps us to optimize the use of raw materials which fits the needs of our orders, adds Piotr Smoli?ski, director for flexo at Etiflex.

- Our PX3000 prints in 5 colors – CMYK and white – and it has greatly extended the range of substrates that we can offer, allowing us to produce digital labels for segments that were not available to us before. In addition, the machine has been configured so we can offer hybrid printing or add personalization and variable elements to pre-printed images and text.

- Adding digital technology has changed our company by optimizing our production costs and being able to offer our customers more attractive terms, while maintaining high quality. Thanks to the better performance of Xeikon PX3000 compared to our previous digital machine, and the good printing quality and lower production costs provided by UV inkjet technology, we have managed to achieve this goal, agrees the three co-owners.

- At the same time, we have significantly increased our production capacity which translates into shorter delivery times. Even better, with new press, we have successfully acquired a significant number of new customers who require labels printed on clear-on-clear substrates and other transparent films. They particularly appreciate the high-coverage white ink, which ensures optimal printing results.

Micha? Kuczkowski, sales manager at Xeikon, concludes:

- The results achieved by Etiflex, including the print quantities they have produced, exactly match the plan they developed during the pre-sale period. Xeikon PX3000 is a very cost-efficient solution which means that the company can now take on orders that, until recently, would have been processed using a conventional machine. And using the inline embellishments capabilities of the new press, the company is also adding more value, such as attractive haptic effects, to the labels produced. I look forward to observing future projects and plans which will further highlight the passion, collaboration, and personal commitment of Etiflex.


1/7 2023
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