PackSynergy udvider med Danmark og Polen

PackSynergy udvider med Danmark og Polen

Stok Emballage er kommet med i netværket PackSynergy som tæller emballagegrossister og logistikeksperter fra en lang række europæiske lande

Stok Emballage strengthens since 1. of February 2018 Europe's largest group of medium-sized packaging wholesalers and logistics experts, PackSynergy. The market-leading Danish family business for trade and services related to packaging expands its network in Eastern Europe through its Polish subsidiary. Now counting 14 partners in nine nations, the network is expanding its leading position in Europe and envisaging other countries.

Following Christer Nöjd AB in Sweden and Pakkaus Öhman in Finland, PackSynergy is now opening up the Danish market with Langeskov-based Stok Emballage. Thereby the network is further expanding its strong position in Northern Europe.

- Stok is the leading family business in trade and services related to packaging in Denmark. With its business philosophy and strong position in the market, Stok is exactly the partner we wanted for Denmark. In addition, with the three locations of Stok's Polish subsidiary Stok Emballering Poland, we are now also setting foot in the large Polish market, says Thomas A. Baur, CEO of the PackSynergy network, pleased.

- We offer over 10,000 packaging solutions and specialize in intelligent packaging methods. Our customers include smaller web shops as well as large-scale manufacturing companies, explains Martin Frederiksen, CEO of Stok Emballage.

- Our customers receive exactly what they need in packaging, dosing, sealing and protecting their goods. In the area of technology and processes, we are able to install and maintain all the required machines and systems, thus ensuring our customer’s cost efficiency and ability to deliver on time. We also train customer employees.

Advantages of participation in a network

With the new partner, PackSynergy remains true to its philosophy, which focuses on medium-sized, entrepreneur-led, regional market leaders.

- Of course, we provide our partners with substantial financial returns through their membership in the network - from procurement advantages to bonuses, says Thomas A. Baur.

- The essential aspect is the actively practiced network idea.

- It's a great advantage for us to become part of a European network, confirms Martin Frederiksen.

- We open up new suppliers and we can supply our international customers even better. As a member of PackSynergy we have the opportunity to boost our customers’ cost efficiency and ensure their ability to deliver on time even further, and we have optimal conditions for new business.. Above all, not only our access to a wider range of products but also sharing and gaining more knowledge of best practice in efficiency enhancement with other PackSynergy partners will benefit both Stok Emballage and our customers.

Further growth

Future plans for the PackSynergy network involve a combined growth, both within the member companies and through new partners.

- We  represent a Europe-wide network in procurement, distribution and knowledge exchange, which is especially important for regional issues, emphasizes Thomas A. Baur.

- There are still some interesting regions and markets in Europe that we are considering. Medium-sized packaging wholesalers in particular are expanding their possibilities and are more successful.


9/4 2018