Sanfaustino Label investerer i Nilpeter MO-4 til produktion af højkvalitets etiketter

Sanfaustino Label investerer i Nilpeter MO-4 til produktion af højkvalitets etiketter

Som en konsekvens af at det italienske trykkeri, Sanfaustino Label, vokser, har virksomheden investeret i en MO-4 offset trykmaskine for at øge kapaciteten, så man er klar til yderligere vækst

As part of the Italian Gruppo Sanfaustino, specialized in products and services related to the label and packaging sector.

Sanfaustino Label has been providing solutions within the Wine & Spirits, Food Industry and Personal Care for over thirty years.

The father of the five Frigoli brothers, who manage the company today, founded the company in 1957. Since 1999, Poligrafica San Faustino SPA is a Milan-listed company with an annual Group turnover of approx. 50M Euros.

The new MO-4 will be installed in a completely renovated, ultra-modern plant, which meets the BRC standards.

- We have experienced a steady flow of new as well as recurring customers, which is the primary reason for this investment, explains the CEO.

- We believe the key to our success is customer satisfaction - and we achieve this by being flexible and provide great customer service.

Recently reaching 100 worldwide installations, the MO-4 has also been named “The Winemaker’s Choice”.

- The MO-Line is a perfect match for us, R&D Manager Giovanni Brescianini says.

- We always take an innovative approach – and this offset press is indeed innovative when it comes to flexibility and efficiency to handle higher volumes and complex labels.

Sanfaustino Label produces pressure-sensitive labels in 5 production plants in North and Central Italy. Each plant has its own specialisation.

The headquarter is located in Brescia. This is where everything - from pre-press to planning, production, and quality control - is managed and monitored.


6/4 2018